Bethany's Clever Canines Academy

Bethany's Clever Canines Academy is committed to provide a safe and loving facility for your dog to stay. We strive to make our clients happy with our academy and our training program. Training will be tailored towards what you and your dog needs. 

We specialize in teaching your dog.



-Potty Training 


-Basic and advanced commands 

-Off-leash reliably 

-Service dog work 



*We do not take true behavior cases. If your dog has a bite history, we will not train your dog. If your dog has intent to harm another animal or human, your dog will automatically be declined as a client. We apologize for any inconvenience this has for you. You are welcome to still reach out to us and we will refer you to other people.







Contact Information 

Phone number 859-866-7680.

You can call or text anytime day or night someone will contact you back within 24 hours. Be sure to leave your name and full phone number.

Email address:

We can also be found on Facebook under Bethany's Clever Canines Academy.


Address: 1188 Overlook Avenue

               Cincinnati, Ohio 45238